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  • Staffing Update 10/2/14 (Revised 10/3/14)

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 10/2/2014

    Please welcome two new staff members to Mary Lin. Jeanette Norwood is our new Special Education teacher. Mrs. Norwood will be splitting time daily with Mary Lin and Springdale Park Elementary.

    Sandra Drummond is our new cafeteria monitor! Ms. Drummond is off and running in the cafeteria, so please be sure to stop-in to say hi to her the next time you visit the cafeteria!

    Both Mrs. Norwood and Mrs. Drummond are excellent additions to Mary Lin! Welcome!
    10/3/14-We just found out that Danielle Rogers, Special Education para is being promoted to Special Education teacher at King Middle School. Way to go, Danielle!  
    Dr. Mitchell 
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  • Mary Lin Attendance

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 9/26/2014

     Mary Lin Community,

    Below is a graph of our attendance rates per month last year. December and March are two months that jump out as areas where we need to improve our attendance rates. Please understand that I am not asking you to send your children to school sick. I am asking you not to plan vacations during school days. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell


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  • Cafeteria Monitor Update

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 9/17/2014

    Greetings! This is just a quick update on our cafeteria monitor. Wahlea Malone, our former monitor, has accepted a Special Education paraprofessional position here at Mary Lin. We have a candidate to replace Ms. Malone. The candidate’s information has been submitted to our Human Resource Department. The candidate will need to be processed. This may take a few days. Until then, we will use a substitute to monitor the boys and girls in the cafeteria.  


    Thanks, Dr. Mitchell


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  • Update on Personnel Changes

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 9/10/2014

    Whew! It seems like we have been moving our staff around as of late! Here is an update on the personnel changes that have been made to date. You may have already seen these changes in hard copy letters that were sent home.

    • T’wana Huff, secretary has accepted a position as a middle school guidance counselor.
    • April Buggs, School Clerk will assume the secretary position.
    • Marcus Mahone, kindergarten paraprofessional will assume the School Clerk position.
    • Beth Rosenbleeth, fourth grade teacher will resign from the district effective October 3.

    We are actively seeking replacements for Mr. Mahone’s paraprofessional vacancy and Mrs. Rosenbleeth’s vacancy.

    Here is an update on the cafeteria. The monitoring of the cafeteria has been substandard. We are creating a plan of action to address how we can better monitor the students in the cafeteria. We are counting on Mrs. Wahlea’s (cafeteria monitor) return to Mary Lin tomorrow. Things will vastly improve upon Mrs. Wahlea’s return!

    Thanks, Dr. Mitchell 
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  • Takeaways from the Construction Meeting

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 9/5/2014

    Here are the major takeaways from last night’s construction meeting:

    The July 15, 2015 is a firm date to have all construction completed.

    This current delay will not impact the July 15, 2015 end date.

    The City of Atlanta started digging the long water line.

    After December, students in the portables will have safe access to the cafeteria.

    After the December, the front of the building will close.

    After December, all students will access the building from the back parking lot traffic circle or the auditorium stairs.

    The auditorium will open after December.

    All portables will be removed from campus in late May.

    The habitat will close after December.

    We will get back the habitat in July of 2015.

    The new playground may be installed when the 2015-2016 year begins.

    The students in the portables will have safe access to the restrooms in the new addition.

    Hogan Construction does work on Saturdays.

    Work on the drainage issue in the habitat will begin in the spring of 2015.

    The gym closes after December.

    The remodeled cafeteria opens after December.

    Weekly updates are posted on the Local School Council website and are printed and posted on the front bulletin board.

    Thanks, Dr. Mitchell

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  • Instructional Changes 2014-2015

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 8/29/2014

    August 29, 2014



    Mary Lin Community:


    Well, we are four weeks into the school year and we are off to a great start. I would like to take a minute to highlight some of the instructional changes that are taking place this year.


    To address our gaps in math, we have created a co-teaching model in each fourth and fifth grade math class. This model is implemented daily. Denise Bringslid is the teacher who is dedicated to fourth grade math and Cathy Robinson is the teacher who is dedicated to fifth grade math. They both work collaboratively with their grade level teams to plan meaningful math lessons for the students.


    We will be placing a school wide emphasis on writing. The staff has already decided on a common lexicon to use for teaching writer’s workshop. Each student will also have a writing portfolio which will contain a published piece of writing for each writing genre.


    To enrich our science instruction, all teachers will be implementing a hands-on science lesson each week. Students will be actively engaged in investigating science with their hands and minds!


    Please feel free to ask your child’s teacher about the instructional changes mentioned above. As always, feel free to ask me, too!


    Thanks for all you do!

    Dr. Mitchell

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  • Two Important Dates

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 8/27/2014

      Greetings! Here are two important dates for Mary Lin.

    1. Curriculum Night/Back to School Night-this event will take place on Tuesday September 2. Teachers will be making two presentations to accommodate parents with multiple children. The first presentation will begin at 5:30. The second presentation will begin at 6:15. All presentations will take place in the classrooms.
    2. New Phasing Plan Meeting-this event will take place on Thursday September 4, at 5:30. Hogan Construction will be presenting the new phasing plan to the community. The meeting will take place in the gym. To view the new phasing plan, click here. 

    See you at both events! Dr. Mitchell

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  • Computer Adaptive Testing Information

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 8/15/2014

     Happy Friday! Click here for an information guide to the Computer Adaptive Testing that will begin on Monday. All K-5 students will take the Computer Adaptive Test. Feel free to email me with any questions about testing.


    Thanks, Dr. Mitchell

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  • Day One Head Count

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 8/4/2014

     Here are the actual numbers for today:

     Kindergarten 105 students

     First grade 109
    Second grade 97
    Third grade 115
    Fourth grade 99
    Fifth grade 101
    Total 626 students 
    I'll create an entry by the end of the week to keep you updated on our enrollment. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell 
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  • Early Head Count

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 8/1/2014

     643 students! That's right! On paper we will have 643 students this year yet, no class will have more than 23 students. Here is the breakdown:

     Kindergarten 111 students average class size 22 students

     First grade 108 students average class size 21-22 students
    Second grade 103 students average class size 20-21students
    Third grade 115 students average class size 23 students
    Fourth grade 103 students average class size 20-21students
    Fifth grade 103 students average class size 20-21students
    Please note that these numbers are subject to change.  
    Let's have a great year! Dr. Mitchell 
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