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Principal Love

As the new Principal of the School of Technology at The New Schools at Carver, I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself and express the mission for the 2014-2015 academic school year.


During my career, I have had the opportunity to be a teacher, leader, and an administrator for several years.  I was recently the Summer School Principal for the South Learning Community in Fulton County and the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at Langston Hughes High School in Fairburn, Georgia. Before becoming an Assistant Principal in Fulton County, I was an Assistant Principal for 8 years in several high schools in various counties around the state of Georgia. In addition to the Administrative positions held, I also had the honor of teaching Secondary English in grades 9 – 12, mentoring new teachers and supervising student teachers, and one year of supervising student discipline as Dean of Student Discipline in Florida, all of this has provided the opportunity for me to be a visionary, creative, high-energy leader. 


I am an “out of the box thinker” that possesses years of experience in leadership and administration.  I have relished in the value of nurturing and cultivating both adults and children, and it is with this passionate drive for achievement that I always strive for excellence. Thus, I constantly and consistently motivate all of those who surround me to live and work up to the great potential that is found within all of us.


During my career, the greatest lesson that I have learned is that leadership is not about expecting people to follow me, just because I am the leader.  Instead, is it more about inspiring people to have the strong desire to want to follow to me because of my leadership. It is with this philosophy that I have shaped and molded my entire professional career. 


Another valuable lesson that I have learned along the way is that the journey is just as important as the destination. Therefore, every day this year the School of Technology at The New Schools at Carver will be filled with overall PANTHER excitement and student academic achievement. 


The focus this year will be A3 = Attendance, Attitude, and Academics. This three-tiered focus will ensure the students success on this journey as we lead them toward the destination of a timely graduation. However, this will only be possible with parent and community support. We, at Carver School of Technology, need everyone’s assistance because we realize that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Together, we are the village.


I am looking forward to an amazingly successful academic school. And always remember, Panther Pride… is still on the rise and Never Dies!


With Much Panther Pride,

Josie Love   


Carver School of Technology

The New Schools at Carver